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About Medi-Tran America, Inc.

If you are looking for a transcription service of the highest professional caliber, look no further.  Medi-Tran is your solution.

We have been serving the medical community for 25 years and have continued to grow and remain ahead of the technology curve to provide our clients with the quality they deserve. 

Our transcriptionists are outstanding!  We strictly use US transcriptionists, and our company policy prohibits off-shore outsourcing.  We comply with and often exceed HIPAA requirements regarding patient confidentiality, and our transcription product provides complete reporting to ensure chain of custody regarding the medical record.


Continual changes in technology can be confusing and can involve a great deal of time and money to remain current and efficient.  Our mission is to provide our clients with cost effective up-to-date technology coupled with a commitment to accuracy and turn around times to provide consistent, quality medical transcripts.

Allow your staff to focus on other issues critical to practice management while Medi-Tran keeps your transcription needs covered.  We strive to make transcription a non-issue for every physician/medical practice.

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